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The Universal Junction Box

The Universal Junction Box

Introducing a revolutionary, mind-blowing, new product : The Universal Junction Box! Click here to buy now!

Made in America! We're proud to be making this right here in Ohio!  Manufactured in America by Americans. G4 is introducing the first truly universal junction box for professional installations. Made out of an advanced composite polymer and designed for maximum utility and cosmetic appeal. One unified face to fit nearly every security camera ever produced.

Finally Here!

Junction Boxes are our industry's number one complaint. BY FAR.

First, selecting a junction box has always been a headache. Most mainstream makers force buyers to follow a complicated matrix with dozens, even hundreds of junction box models all strangely made to fit but one specific model. Installers spend hours simply selecting correct models. Worse? They show up on site ready to install and realize the manufacturer unwittingly changed bolt patterns of the camera. It happens all the time.

If you've dealt with any of the top 10 major brands then you've seen a flow chart a lot like this:
Ridiculous China
Which probably made you feel a lot like this :

Trying to find the right Chinese Junction Box

Never Again! We have designed ONE junction box for nearly ALL cameras. Sleek, clean, and professional. Highly versatile and robust.

Why do the Chinese makers routinely change CCTV camera mount patterns?

In the USA alone there are over 100 million CCTV cameras installed and that number is forecast to grow 40% over the next three years. They are guaranteed tens of millions of dollars in pure profit every time they nefariously, mysteriously, unnecessarily alter popular IP camera bolt patterns. They know by USA law that junction boxes are required for professional installations.

Tired of the old Chinese game of changing the screw hole pattern just to make you buy a new junction box? STOP! There's no need for that non-sense. You only need ONE junction box - The JB1.

American Made

Why we invested in this project.

This first junction box model required 3 precisely machined injection molds. Molds costs more than cars. We believe the time and headaches saved by being 100% certain your junction box fits is more than enough justification. Junction boxes are necessary. The major China makers made it a convoluted, frustrating, expensive nightmare for everyone. This is the Chinese way.

We decided enough is enough and it's time to do things a different way. Offering a fully Made in the USA product supporting locally owned businesses is a step in the right direction as we all try to rely more on American skill and craftmanship.

We include 4 self-tapping screws for mounting the camera to the lid. We include 4 heavy duty screws to mount the lid to the box. The lid and the two screw caps come with thick O-Rings. If your camera's mounting bracket fits on the face of the lid, you can mount it!

Camera Mounted

American Made Universal Junction Box

Additional Benefits.

Paintable! We’re shipping one “off white” color but feel free to paint any color necessary.
Marketing.  You have a decent amount of space on each junction box to advertise your company. Simply source professional stickers, grow your brand. Our industry has no brand recognition if you ask consumers. Show your pride with fixed marketing and grow sales.

JB-1 Dimensions



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