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Veteran's Day 2023

Veteran's Day 2023

Enjoy a Happy Veterans Day all week long with 15% off on X-Series, Universal Junction Box, USB Monitors and More!

Veterans – Without veterans America wouldn’t exist as we know it today. Freedom and Liberty might just be hopes and dreams, and not the reality that we get to enjoy every day we wake up in this great country.

The freedom to speak, to carry, to pursue happiness and practice any religion you’d like. We take a lot for granted these days, and we have a lot for which to be grateful. Veterans are at the top of our list- Thank you! 

Thank you to all who have served and an eternal debt of gratitude for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  We know first-hand the indescribable pain of tragically losing a loved one, and our hearts go out to all of the surviving families of Veterans that have passed on in the line of duty, protecting our great nation.

When you really consider the gravity of the sacrifice that so many Americans have made; to give their time, energy, and sometimes lives, what we do with our freedom really matters. The choices we make affect the future of America, and they either honor or disgrace the sacrifices that have come before.

American Sacrifice

As a veteran owned company, with 42% of staff being veterans, we take our choices very seriously. The products we carry and the products we install are shaping the future of America.

We’re building critical infrastructure and security every day. The materials and people we do business with really does matter to us. This is why we were the only company to issue a stop-ship when the National Security Concerns, backdoor master passwords, and the Mirai botnet were disclosed.

Rangers lead the way to victory and G4 leads the way in CCTV. We dropped the now-banned products long before it was law. Being ahead of the curve means blazing a new trail, and that's not easy.

This is why we worked so hard on making the X-Series a reality. We can’t change the world in one fell swoop, but we can change it together one day at a time, and one step at a time.

This year saw the release of our very first, entirely MADE IN AMERICA, product! Our Universal Junction Box is 100% designed, manufactured, and distributed in America, by Americans.

We couldn’t have come this far and done so much without the unwavering support of our loyal customer base. A group of folks who know what hard, honest, work really is. A group of people that can cut through the fluff and bogus noise and see what really matters. We want to thank every single one of you for supporting G4, America, and each other. 

That’s really what this little monologue is all about. Americans helping Americans, and expressing our gratitude to all those who love America, and make a commitment to protecting and improving our great country.

Thank you.


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