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Frequently Asked Questions

To setup motion detection on your XVR series device please follow the linked steps.

Motion Guide PDF Walkthrough click here

To configure your XVR series device with an IP address simply go to the setup menu and select "General" under the Network tab.  Review the video below for more information.

By default all of our XVR series DVR/NVR's are set to 24/7 recording.  If you want to confirm or modify this you will go to the "Setup" Menu -> Select the Record section-> Select the Record tab on the left hand bar -> Select the tab labeled "Record Schedule".

You may refer to the below video for reference.


Refer to the below video.

Refer to the below video.

The following models require Internet Explorer compatibility:


Most browsers provide extensions or add-ons that you can download for free to add Internet Explorer compability, but the easiet way to access the camera is to use Microsoft Edge and enable Internet Explorer compatibility (IE mode).

1. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of Microsoft Edge, click Settings



2. Under Settings, choose Default Browser. Choose ‘Allow’ for the option ‘Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer (IE mode)”. Then click ‘Add’ to add the IP addresses for your IP cameras (ex: and Changes are automatically saved, open a new tab, access the camera's IP address, and log into your camera.



X-Series supports ONVIF profiles S/G/T

X-Series firmware 8.2.3 supports ONVIF version 19

X-Series firmwware 8.2.4 supports ONVIF version 20

Flux View

When the motion tracking function is on, the camera will automatically start recording. The camera can detect the presence of people, vehicles, pets, etc. and begin recording upon detection. Sensitivity levels can be adjusted if motion detection is triggering abnormally. 

The PIR motion sensor that detects movement is more sensitive to movements ACROSS the camera's field of view, more so than movements directly toward or away from the camera. The best installation scenario is one that has the camera at a 15° overlooking angle. 



Glass will reflect light and increase the complexity of the scene, affecting the live viewing and motion trigger effect. Therefore, we do not recommend using it through a window.

Yes. Only use solar panels with regulated 5V (or 6V) output. In addition, larger solar panels are preferred to provide ample current. We recommend using the FX solar panels here.

5GHz signal distance is weaker than 2.4GHz. Plus, the 2.4GHz wireless signal can penetrate walls and obstacles greater than that of 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Yes, a bad network environment will cause the camera to re-transmit data several times or even constantly re-connect to Wi-Fi, which will lead to faster battery consumption. Multiple layers of concrete walls, brick walls blocking, overcrowded wifi channels can cause a poor Wi-Fi usage environment.