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X-Series Smart A.I. Power!

X-Series Smart A.I. Power!

"Tell me about this new X-Series..." We've been hearing this a lot lately! It's no surprise considering the 3 major Chinese companies are all being investigated, actively banned, or soon to be sanctioned!

Our clients have nothing to worry about, because our X-Series is fully FCC and NDAA compliant! It's easy with G4, we've been navigating these murky waters over the last 25 years keeping ourselves and our clients out of harm's way.

More and more of our customers have reported that they've kept their existing UNV and Dahua quotes/bids, but filled the order with X-Series. They UNDER-promised and OVER-delivered, and made MORE PROFIT!

The new X-Series NVR and XVR comes LOADED with Smart AI features!

Advanced AI : Person/Vehicle, Perimeter, Line Crossing, Cross Counting, Stationary Object, Heat Map, Crowd Density, Queue Length, Rare Sound, License Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition

Smart Motion Detection : Person, Vehicle, Perimeter, Line Crossing


Face Detection & Recognization
Utilizing next-gen A.I. Deep Learning algorithms, facial features can be extracted and compared with facial images stored in the system to accurately recognize faces.

Object Detection & Missing Object Detection

New Object - Designate a specific area within an image as a cautionary zone. If any foreign object enters and remains within this area, it will promptly activate an alert.
Missing Object - Set a specific area in the picture as caution status, once the object leaves this area, it could immediately trigger alarm.

Mask Detection
To enhance the efficiency of public area management and minimize the need for manual inspections, a warning can be triggered upon detecting individuals who are not wearing masks.

Access Control via Face or License Plate
Using facial recognition technology, and License Plate Recognition to regulate gate access based on pre-approved White and Block lists is an effective means of managing personnel entry and exit.

Face Attendance

By utilizing facial recognition for clocking in and out, staff members can do so without any physical contact, thereby reducing the risk of bacterial or viral cross-infection. Additionally, attendance data can be exported as a file and sent to specified email addresses based on pre-set scheduling.

Population Statistics
A real-time system is employed to detect the number of individuals within a designated area. When the number of people exceeds a predetermined threshold, an alarm will promptly sound to prevent overcrowding, thereby facilitating effective on-site management.

Queue Length
The ability to detect queue lengths enables the identification of single-person processing and provides real-time alarms when the queue exceeds capacity. This functionality empowers managers to proactively address abnormal situations,
improve service efficiency, and elevate the customer
shopping experience.

Customer Flow Statistics
Analyzing the customer flow cycle, repeat visitor statistics, time periods of customer flow, and accurate demographic analysis (age and gender) of customers, as well as the ratio of new and returning customers, assists sellers in effectively marketing their products or services.

These are just some of the advanced features in our X-Series!

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Serious question : Why are you waiting?

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