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Meet the XVR™ and the new X-Series NDAA AI Powered Security Systems

Meet the XVR™ and the new X-Series NDAA AI Powered Security Systems

Americas Most Powerful XVR/NVR/DVR - The X Does it all.

HD Video Over Coax with the convenience of Audio Over Coax ( AOC ) eliminating
cumbersome and time consuming additional cabling and rca connections.

The XVR™ is also a standalone NVR with functionality rivaling most competitors stand alone NVR specifications. The unit itself can turn any old analog camera into an AI-Powered Smart Cam!

The Taiwanese manufactured SOC/Microprocessor is 100% fully NDAA qualified.
This powerful full featured XVR can and is being installed in military applications, Federal Agencies, and offers a clean, straightforward GUI/Operating System your staff and customers will learn in ten minutes. It’s that intuitive.

Our manufacturer boasts 20 years of world class reliability and perhaps more importantly has recently opened a major manufacturing plant in the USA-preferred country of Vietnam. For those unaware, China manufacturers of CCTV have been under fire for the last several years by both Trump and Biden administrations. Severe measures including prohibiting Dahua, Hikvision, Hisilicon/Huawei and now they've added Tiandy from being installed into Federal agencies.

What is the response from many, if not all, resellers of Dahua and Hikvision importers? They remove the banned brand name, tell the installer or end user nothing, and simply disguise the banned products by changing the logo. It's the same with the banned apps, simply replace the logo with a new brand logo to avoid detection. Same banned manufacturers, same banned software. Stunning, but true.

We've been at it for decades!

We have been supplying professional installers and resellers for over 20 years. 45,000 industry professionals. Our successful formula is the same today as it was 20 years ago. Providing you with powerful, competitively priced products.

We've done it for all the different security and cctv pros out there, and we'll do it for you too. Our leading volume customers? Allowing our clients , free of charge, to use their own part numbers and in some cases custom logos and software. We do it for you right here in our Cincinnati facility. No volume requirements at all for labels with your own part numbers.

Free Branding

Why is this critical? In fact, its even more critical today than it was 20 years ago. Our local customers that stop by seemingly daily for product tell us they lose enormous follow up revenue when a client simply googles a popular Dahua, Hikvision, Uniview or other brand's products. The end user finds it on eBay, Amazon, and worse? Alibaba!

The Installation company did all the work, trained the business owner on installation and software. And the end user? When they need more product and they simply buy online elsewhere to save money. Americans cant compete with Alibaba or manufacturers selling direct on Amazon.

We solve that problem for each and every customer we service that uses our OEM Branding service. Real simple. Use your own part number. When your customer googles it they gets no search results. Problem solved. Future installations are yours. Follow up revenue is yours.

Better yet? Please review the key features of this recently released XVR/NVR series. A HIGHER specification than almost anyone's competing NVR in itself. Add HD over coax 4K capability, Audio-Over-Coax, Smart AI advanced features like line crossing, missing object, perimeter intrusion etc...

The world's most powerful XVR

NOTHING is as powerful as your new XVR™ series. You solve every customers requirements and at a price that wins bid after bid after bid. Add our Free Branding part number protection and you can once again achieve the necessary margins required to maintain your fleets, staff, and marketing.

Don’t Let Amazon and Alibaba continue taking future business from you.

Call now : 1-800-814-4364 or email

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