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Introducing a revolutionary, mind-blowing, new product : The only truly Universal Junction Box! Made out of an advanced composite polymer and designed for maximum utility and cosmetic appeal.

Made in America!
We're proud to be making this right here in Ohio!  Manufactured in America by Americans. This Universal Junction Box lid is 5 inches wide, and we include four self-tapping screws that will drill & screw right through the lid, a perfect fit every time! Screws for the lid are included as well.

Screw hole patterns on the back include standard American 1-gang and 2-gang box layouts, easily mount these Junction Boxes to anything!

Tired of trying to decipher which junction box goes with what camera? STOP! We have one Junction Box to rule them all!

Tired of the old Chinese game of changing the screw hole pattern just to make you buy a new junction box? STOP! There's no need for that non-sense. You only need ONE junction box - The JB1.

Made in America by Americans, Veteran owned and operated. Installer preferred.


*Compatible with any camera that has a base mounting diameter of 4 3/4" or less. This includes all X-Series bullet cameras and X-Series fixed lens turrets and vandal domes. Not compatible with X-Series motorized zoom turrets/domes.

One JB-1Package includes the Junction Box Base, the Junction Box Lid with thick O-Ring, 2 Conduit Screw-Caps with thick O-Rings, one 4x4inch Foam Backing, four self tapping screws for the camera, 4 heavy duty screws for the lid. Screws are Zinc-Coated steel.

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