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Password Reset Instructions

Find password reset information for Uniview, Flux, and X-Series products below.


UNV NVR/IP Camera Reset Instructions:

Call Uniview tech support at 1-800-860-7999 or email, they will be able to assist. Alternately, if you would like us to attempt recovery please follow the below instructions. 

1) Obtain the Model Number and Serial Number of the NVR/IP Camera and the
date displayed on the monitor. If the date is not displayed, go to Step 5.
2) Email the model number, serial number, and date displayed to
3) We will reply to your email with a temporary password.
4) Type in the temporary password provided from the 'Forgot Password' screen on the NVR/IP Camera directly. If you do not have a 'Forgot Password' screen, then double-click the lower left corner of the login box and a secret box called 'Retrieve Password' will pop up allowing you to input a temporary password. Your password has now been reset.
5) For those users where no date is displayed, here are some options:

1. If you log into the web interface and click forgot password, you may see the date displayed there.

2. If you do not see the date and only see a QR code for email recovery, you can scan that code using the mobile app and it will send you the temporary password via email. This only works if an email address was configured in the camera or EZVIEW account.

3. If no email address was configured or you do not have access to that email, then send your serial number along with a screenshot of that QR code to and they can give you a temp password.


Flux NVRs

1) Go directly in front of the physical DVR/NVR connected to a monitor
2) Log completely out of the NVR, then attempt to login, next navigate to the option "Retrieve Password"
3) Select the option "Dynamic Password"
4) Take a screenshot or provide all the displayed information to (Note:  Do NOT leave the dynamic
password screen until you get the password recovery code. If you do, the date/time in that section will change and a new code will have to be generated.)
5) We will reply with a temporary code which you can input. This code is case sensitive, so please input it exactly as shown. You will be prompted to set a new admin password.

Flux IP Camera Password Reset

Search our FAQ for detailed instructions. Below is a snippet from the FAQ page:

Resetting the password on a Flux IPC will require a PC/Laptop with IPTool3.0 installed.   You will need to connect the PC/Laptop to the same network as the IP camera and run the IPTool3.0.  Within the tool you will scan the network and find all Flux equipment on your network.  Find the mac address of the camera within the listed fields -> Type the mac address in under the "Restore IPC Configuration to Default" option -> Select OK -> If successful message prompts unplug the camera and plug it back in (You have 30 seconds to power cycle the camera or the restore will not work. -> This will default the camera completely and provide swap your IPC's user and password. (Username - admin with a password -123456). 


Password recovery is only possible if you enabled the various password recovery options such as security questions or the certificate during initial setup. Supercode is not used or functional, as it is not secure. If no password recovery options were set or you do not remember the answers to the security questions, you have to factory default the unit by ensuring the unit is powered on and pressing the reset button on the back of the NVR/XVR for 10 seconds until it beeps. The hole can be found under the USB port on some models. For cameras, there's a small cover on the housing that needs removed where they will find the microSD card slot and the reset button for the camera.


Legacy G4 Units
G4-CVI-TL - Use the CCTV Super Password mobile app. Click Dahua, Select Reset with Time/Date Option.