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Own a Business? Call For Trade Pricing.
Own a Business? Call For Trade Pricing.


High Def AI Security & Revolutionary Long Distance Wireless is Here!

Our new HaLow™ powered Long Distance Wireless Battery Powered Security Cameras can easily transmit OVER 500 YARDS! Pair each camera with a $40 Solar Panel charger for potentially endless charging of the camera's battery! Never run any wires, never replace a battery, never worry!
Super Long Distance WiFi Security

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This system utilizes the latest 802.11ah WiFi technology, named HaLow™, which provides long-range connectivity and low power consumption for extended battery life. HaLow™ 802.11ah WiFi runs on it's own special frequency band, therefore performance will not be degraded by standard home WiFi products. This allows for large coverage areas, well over 500 meters!

Take back control! The NVR records all of your footage, this means you're in control of your footage. No recurring fees for cloud storage, you are your own cloud! Maintain your privacy by controlling access to your NVR & Footage.

Battery life is further improved by transmission throttling, which automatically puts the cameras in standby when there is no motion and re-activates the video stream when motion is again present. Solar panels are available as an option to further extend battery run-time.

Our unique and revolutionary new system solves rural property & asset protection problems by eliminating the costly wiring and providing power at remote sites. Perfect for farms, construction sites, or any installation with power & distance challenges. This 4K wireless ULTRA long distance WiFi kit is the answer!

This amazing system installs in a mere 10 minutes. Saving thousands of dollars in costly installation & cable runs. Set up is a breeze and configuration is as easy as it gets.

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You may have met the pros, now meet the 25+ year veteran industry experts that made the pros.

G4 Lineup
At G4, we exist to provide our clients peace-of-mind and security. By creating innovative products and partnering with technology leaders worldwide, we deliver the best quality and value in security surveillance systems.

With over 40 years of experience, our management team is dedicated to building long-term relationships and offering unmatched value through our ownership interests in global manufacturers. Located in Cincinnati, OH, our domestic headquarters houses our operations, where we assemble innovative solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

X-Series IPC are better than the rest!

We offer the full range of products from your standard security cameras to High Definition Artificial Intelligence with Active Deterrence and Analytics built in. We focus on security solutions that work, at a price that's fair and reasonable, with technology that seriously goes above and beyond.