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Own a Business? Call For Trade Pricing.


IP Security Camera Systems

Introducing our new X-Series line of complete IP camera systems.

Featuring IP cameras with active deterrence, this system goes beyond passive surveillance. Equipped with built-in sirens, strobe lights, and customizable motion-activated warnings, it actively discourages potential intruders. The active deterrence feature allows you to remotely trigger these deterrents or set them to activate automatically when motion or another AI event is detected, ensuring a proactive defense against any unauthorized activity.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Our IP cameras also offer Smart Motion Detection. This allows the user to define a perimeter or line and only trigger on vehicle and/or persons entering or exiting the defined boundary.

The X-Series recorder included is packed full of features. Some of these include cloud and NAS storage, Alexa/Chromcast support, YouTube streaming, 4K HDMI, and P2P anywhere remote access. Plus, the recorder provides support for additional AI features* including facial recognition, license plate recognition, heat map, cross counting, rare sound detection, and more. So, upgrading your system's capabilities in the future is only a matter of replacing a camera.

This isn't your typical package deal with archaic, cheap technology. Our advanced systems provide cutting-edge technology bringing unparalleled protection for your home or business.

*Additional AI functions dependent on X-Series IP cameras capabilities

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