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Celebrating America

Celebrating America

The America we're living in today is neither the America that my Grandfather defended in World War 2, nor is it the America that my Mother and Father defended in the 1980s. It isn't even the same America that my peers and friends sacrificed life and limb for just after 9/11. In 2021 we most definitely are living in a new and strange America.

Today may feel more uncertain than ever as the last two years have been transformative to say the least. I would like everyone to remain optimistic and hopeful but we must remain realistic as well. America, for all her faults and imperfections, has remained a bastion of hope and freedom for the world. It is for this that so many have sacrificed so much.

As Americans it is in our blood to defend liberty and protect those that need it, which includes protecting ourselves first and foremost. You must help yourself before you can help others and G4Direct has been providing peace of mind for over 20 years. If the camera doesn't deter the crime then it will certainly capture the incident and act as your witness.

Image from Gyazo

“The best insurance money can buy is a video surveillance system. Those cameras saved my sanity during the riots last summer.”

Many of our small business clients have expressed how grateful they are that our HD G4 cameras were installed in their shops. They were able to keep an eye on their stores at a safe distance providing valuable peace of mind when they needed it most.

We have bigger problems to worry about so don't let video surveillance be one more loose end. Cover your assets today, protect your business and loved ones with our complete kits. Give yourself peace of mind while we seek peace on Earth.

Thank you to every human being that has made sacrifices to protect & improve our wonderful United States of America.

Stay safe friends, and may God bless us all.
With Love and Gratitude,
Zachary Spradlin
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