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Plug in Play IP Camera Spot Monitor Adapter

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Our Plug in Play IP camera Spot Monitor makes your life easy for offering an IP camera spot monitor solution with zero configuration required! 

Why use our spot monitor solution?
Maybe your IP camera doesn't have a BNC out for monitors.

Maybe you want to be  be able to see true 1080p image quality on your monitor.

Maybe you want to save on installation time.

Maybe it's more convenient as your IP camera is on the other side of the building.

Maybe the wire run to the monitor is blocked up and would look very ugly.

If any of the above are true, this is the solution! 

Simply provide us the following in the order form and we'll ship out the device preconfigured!  

You simply provide in the order notes the following: 
1) WIFI SSID name (case sensitive):
2) WIFI password for the SSID provided above (case sensitive):
3) Who is the IP Camera manufacturer ?(currently we only support FLUX, UNV and our Sony IPC solutions):
4) Is this desired camera located using the NVR's POE ports? (YES / NO only )
5) If answer to question 4 is "NO", skip to question 6. If yes, Please provide the following:
NVR or XVR's IP address:
NVR or XVR's username:
NVR or XVR's password:
NVR or XVR's RTSP port used:
What is the channel number of the desired camera you wish to use MINUS 1.
Example, Channel 3 is the IP camera you want to use for spot monitor - so the channel # is 2.
(why? this is because the RTSP strings start with channel = 0 is actually channel 1)

(Only answer the following questions if answer to question 4 is NO)
6) IP Camera IP address (only applicable if answer to question 4 is no):

7) IP Camera Password:

8) IP Camera RSTP port:

What's included:

2GB model Raspi 4 Model B
3.3ft Mini HDMI to HDMI cable
5V 3 Amp USB Type C Power Supply
3D Printed FLUX case
64gb SD card
Double sided 3M velcro tape

How to install? Plug in the mini-hdmi cable end to the raspi and HDMI end into your monitor or TV. Plug in the power supply to the raspi and into a power source.
Wait for it to boot up and you are done! (optionally you can attached the 3M tape to the case and onto the monitor for a cleaner installation. 

Please note: These devices require configuration prior to shipping, which takes time. Therefore all purchases will ship up to 3 days after purchase. There is a $40/hour fee, minimum 1 hour for any device that needs reconfigured remotely.