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Safeguarding Your Business from Banned CCTV Products

Safeguarding Your Business from Banned CCTV Products

Does your business use CCTV? 
Its not only possible, but very likely, that your installation company wasn't transparent when you were sold video surveillance.

70% of USA installed CCTV is made by two behemoths, making products utilizing banned Huawei/Hisilicon processors.

Those two makers are Dahua and Hikvision. Both banned from Federal installations and critical infrastructure products since 2019. Yet? Installation companies continue installing those brands. "Our client's don't care" is a common response, but the truth is that they just don't know, because they haven't been told.

Finally! Our FCC stepped in November 25th last year banning any future Dahua and Hikvision approvals. That's now close to a year ago. In technology a year equals obsolescence. Yet? Its a pretty safe bet your installer hasn't informed you of the Federal Ban nor the more troubling FCC ban. 

Your reputation risked and why? Because your installation salesman likely concealed the truth. There are multitudes of other brands available. They continue installing these brands because Hikvision and Dahua are typically low cost, and they dont want the inconvenience of spending an hour learning a different brands interface. 

Sometimes the feedback to us is "you just want to sell your own product..."

I distributed both Dahua and Hikvision for nearly two decades. We ended the relationship around 2016/2017 due to US Govt and cyber experts warnings of Chinese Communist Party backdoor vulnerabilities. Even before the Humanitarian Rights and sanctions these brands were on the radar.

That perception by a few customers is false. Dahua and Hikvision attempt to sell to us routinely. I can stock both brands tomorrow and immediately see revenue spike. I refuse. The day I sell product with as much baggage as our gov't exposed and the sanctions imposed, is the day I retire. 

Even worse than a Federal ban on Hik and Dahua? They are now both implicated in assisting the Chinese Communist Party in identifying, surveilling innocent people of faith in China. An estimated 2 million and growing in forced labor camps. These are actual Concentration camps used for "reprogramming" and obscene torture. Young women are testifying before our US Congress of brutal gang rapes, and forced sterilizations as specialty CCTV face recognition tracks them down.

Our government claims and independent investigators and human rights watch groups have discovered that these brands use special Face recognition programmed to single out people of color and certain ethnicities. Simply google search the matter, within 5 minutes you'll understand just how serious this atrocity is. It is anti-humanity and it is is opposed to every single authentic American value. Supporting this kind of thing is just unthinkable.

More importantly. As our politicians continue bringing the Dahua and Hikvision sanctions to the public, at some point your business reputation could very well suffer as customers see your CCTV. 

How bad is this matter? It's almost impossible to measure because of white labeling. The vast majority of online sellers and installation companies simply conceal the manufacturer and use a generic brand!

G4 can 100%, absolutely, and within 2 short minutes, identify your true maker of your CCTV regardless of branding the installer used.

Many of you are calling and emailing as we’re prominently featured on Fox News television advertising. 100% of those calls or emails resulted in every business discovering the true maker of their CCTV equipment. Its impossible to explain everything with 30 and 60 second television advertisements. Hence this blog But we are invested in mass television advertising partnering with Fox and are being thanked profusely by more and more restaurants, banks, bars, etc for informing them of the risk installers exposed their businesses to. 

Simply email and truly, within two mins we'll let you know the true maker.

Additionally? You could save thousands knowing the true maker. With white labeling, sellers conceal the actual true maker. I see it every single day. A $100 dollar Uniview or Hikvision made product, rebranded by an online seller, with eye watering markups of 200, 300, 500% claiming their product is unique and superior. Likely? that's just not true. 

Even worse, while you're paying bloated prices due to generic branding, you may also be purchasing products that hurt your reputation later. Or... Sell to the Federal Government? Aventura Technologies in New York sold rebranded Hikvision to the Navy and US Air Force. The owner, his wife, 4 employees were federally indicted. 

Our nation's FCC Chairman, Brendan Carr tweeted this jaw dropping warning:  

If the FCC follows through on Commissioner Carr's desire to ban all Dahua & Hikvision products prior to February 6th? Every Business that uses these products will have to unplug the devices or face fines of up to $10,000 per day, per unit!

You can and should research for yourself. You can view the full FCC ruling here.

In today's interconnected world, the security of your business is paramount. This blog post aims to shed light on a pressing issue that many businesses might be unaware of: the potential use of banned CCTV products manufactured by companies like Dahua, Hikvision, and others. It also highlights the importance of transparency, compliance with federal regulations, and making informed decisions to protect your investments.

  1. The Hidden Truth About CCTV Products: Many businesses have discovered the startling reality behind their CCTV systems by reaching out to after seeing our FoxNews television advertisements. These quick messages or calls have led to an eye-opening revelation: the true origin of their CCTV products, which is often concealed by generic brand labels in advertisements.

  2. The Dominance of Chinese Behemoths: The majority of CCTV products in the United States are manufactured by two Chinese giants, Dahua and Hikvision, with an estimated 62% market share. Furthermore, some generic brands employ Hisilicon/Huawei-made components in their devices, a practice that has been banned from federal government and critical infrastructure surveillance since late 2019.

  3. The Impact on Critical Infrastructure: Industries like banking, agriculture, food, and transportation fall under the category of critical infrastructure in the USA. Installing banned products in these sectors can lead to severe consequences, both legally and ethically.

  4. Human Rights Concerns: In addition to the regulatory issues, these manufacturers have faced allegations of complicity in human rights violations, including aiding the Chinese government in identifying people of faith, which has resulted in forced sterilizations, labor exploitation, and unspeakable suffering for countless human beings.

  5. Lack of Transparency: Unfortunately, many installation companies in the USA do not inform businesses when using federally banned products. Instead, they rebrand them with generic names, leaving businesses unaware of the risks they are exposed to.

  6. FCC Sanctions: The FCC took the unprecedented step of sanctioning Dahua and Hikvision's "new" products in November 2022 due to the prevalence of white labeling. As a result, these products have become obsolete, and their legality is in question.

  7. Protecting Your Investment: Business owners have invested heavily in their enterprises and cannot afford to take chances with less-than-transparent sellers, installation companies, or products that might have their warranties invalidated due to FCC rulings.

  8. Explore Alternatives: There are alternative options available. Numerous American-owned businesses distribute CCTV products that comply with regulations and prioritize transparency, ensuring your business's security without compromising its ethical values.

In conclusion, safeguarding your business means making informed choices about the products and services you employ. With the help of or a quick internet search, you can easily determine the origin of your CCTV products. By choosing compliant and transparent suppliers, you can protect your investment and ensure the security of your business, while also upholding ethical values and respecting human rights.

Is your unit secretly made by companies with Federal Bans?

Even if you got your unit at a big box retailer like Costco, BestBuy, Walmart, etc... Dahua & Hikvision have been sold into these channels branded as "Lorex" and other names. The brand name or part number do not indicate the true manufacturer of the product!

Many businesses and homes are unknowingly using these risky products, which are often sold under vague white-label brands, with a new logo, and random model numbers. It is incredibly common to be sold a Dahua or Hikvision unit by the name of something else. Thousands of other brands are also made by these companies. You can find "Dahua OEM" lists on google.

If you'd like to verify whether or not your CCTV System was manufactured by Dahua or Hikvision just give us a call at 1-800-814-4364 or email

China Ban!

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