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Government Ban is a Jackpot for Installers! Win more bids today!

Government Ban is a Jackpot for Installers! Win more bids today!

Jackpot! Thanks to the FCC this year, installers new to the industry and seasoned veterans alike will have their best year yet. We’ll show you how and I’ll provide a few recent real world examples.

The FCC unanimously banned Dahua & Hikvision in a stunning FCC ruling that took effect Feb 6th, 2023 banning all new product authorizations for any and all Dahua and Hikvision cctv equipment. Whether secretly labeled as something else, "white labeled",  "OEM'ed", it doesn’t matter. If it was made by Dahua or Hikvision: No approval.

More frightening? Our nation's FCC Chairman, Brendan Carr tweeted this jaw dropping warning:


If the FCC follows through on Commissioner Carr's desire to ban all Dahua & Hikvision products prior to February 6th? Every Business that uses these products will have to unplug the devices or face fines of up to $10,000 per day, per unit!

You can and should research for yourself.

You can view the full FCC ruling here.

Even if your unit isn't labeled or easily identified as Dahua or Hikvision it is LIKELY made by Dahua or Hikvision as their market share in the USA combined exceeds 60%. HIGHER than Apple and Samsung smartphones market share here. Secret or white labeled Dahua/Hikvision products are everywhere.

Reveal the truth

Identify Your Product

If you're concerned about your product's authenticity call us during business hours : 1-800-814-4364, use the website's chat-bot, or email and within a few minutes our staff can verify if a unit was made by Dahua or Hikvision.

This new opportunity from the FCC is once in a lifetime. It may seem stranger than fiction, but it's true.

This is comparable to the banning of Apple, Samsung, and Nokia in their respective markets. How can you achieve explosive growth immediately? Win every bid? How can you expose your competitor and win immediate trust? This is the playbook that instantly turbocharges your existing business!

For 25 years our business has focused on providing installers, resellers, and franchisers reliable, competitive, and now we can add "LEGAL", products to your hard working business. Avoid costly FCC fines, warranty fraud risk, and potential employee and customer lawsuits.

How to win every bid and destroy your competition in every conceivable metric.

Over 60% of your competition just got banned, and the FCC isn't done yet. Simply inform your potential client of your competition's unfortunate brand choice. Who would risk a company that's been banned by both Republican and Democratic administrations? Banned by a unanimous bipartisan counsel? And the commissioner said he's not done yet!

Real World Example 1

I visited a new coffee shop franchise and noticed they had Hikvision cameras everywhere. I informed the manager about the FCC and NDAA rulings against Hikvision, and he quickly verified it on his smartphone. Although he initially thought it was crazy, he realized it was true and asked me if he was breaking the law.

I suggested that he consult with his corporate office and attorney to decipher the bans on Dahua, Hikvision, NDAA, and the new FCC ban. The manager was grateful but also upset that he had trusted the company and was not informed about what he was buying. Although I cannot disclose his emotional responses, I doubt that the installation company in the area was pleased with me.

He trusted the company's expertise in cameras and felt let down. It's a win for new installers who avoid using banned brands, but it raises questions about established installation companies who continue to use these cameras despite the bans.

Real World Example 2

I visited a popular discount store to purchase my dog's favorite treats, which I do frequently. However, after the recent FCC ban, I have become more cautious and check the security cameras used in the store. I discovered that they were a relabeled brand made by Dahua, a well-known brand in the industry.

When I asked to speak with a manager, none were available. So, I decided to contact the retail franchise through their website to advise them on reducing their risk by discussing CCTV with me. To my surprise, they called me back and I advised them to review the website thoroughly.

I explained to them that if the FCC commissioner rules as he desires, existing cameras would violate FCC part 15, and if exceptions are not made, they would need to unplug those cameras and recorders immediately. Part 15 violations result in hefty fines, and each offense can result in a 1-year prison sentence per violation.

I walked the franchise business through the process of determining whether the branded product was made by Dahua, which took only 2 minutes. The manager thanked me, and now we look forward to new business. A mere TWO MINUTES exposed the installer's actual manufacturer.

While the FCC is a recent development, the NDAA ban is over 3 years old. Any CCTV Industry installer should have stopped selling these products years ago. Now industry insiders are exposed and blaming me for exposing the true manufacturers.

Real World Example 3

A customer who had purchased a competitor's product called us with suspicions about the true maker of his system. He had heard of this ban elsewhere. 2 minutes later and he knew it was a Dahua underneath, and he was furious. I suspect after getting his 30 day refund he’ll call us back.

This ruling has caused widespread concern among citizens, with many questioning whether their warranties will be honored. I would be worried too.

Ahead of the curve and no exposure.

I’m an Air Force Veteran and we discovered long before the NDAA ban and the FCC ban that these brands were not in my country's best interest. I have not bought or sold Dahua or Hikvision products for almost a decade, long before the NDAA and FCC bans. I made the choice to leave both brands based on ethics and security concerns.

If I had stayed with these major brands, like our competitors, and simply white-labeled the banned products, I would be in a terrible predicament. How could I, with a straight face, confidently offer warranty replacements when it is now a federal crime to replace them? If the FCC follows through on their secondary rulings, it would be illegal to import, market, sell, or operate Dahua and Hikvision products, even existing products! Offering warranty replacements under these circumstances would be ominous and potentially illegal.

Ultimately, no sane buyer, whether a corporate behemoth, small business owner, or homeowner would purchase a product if there are doubts about the warranty. In the end, the ban on Dahua and Hikvision products is a selling opportunity for those who do not carry these brands.

Injecting a bit of humor into your sales pitch can go a long way!

For example, if you're competing against white labeling or Dahua/Hikvision branded products, try asking your potential customers if they want a free hazmat suit with their purchase. Head over to to find out why. They'll get the joke in no time.

We'll be providing our industry insiders, installers, integrators, and resellers with effective marketing materials soon. We're creating a pamphlet that will help you inform any business in your area about the FCC ban and how to spot "stealthy" Dahua or Hikvision units in a snap.

If you're new to the CCTV industry, congratulations! You have an advantage over legacy installation companies who likely installed banned products in the past. You can identify these units and win the trust of their previous customers. Installers who didn't care about the NDAA ban or weren't aware of it will lose out to you.

Remember, the FCC ban on Dahua and Hik was unanimously approved in November 2021, but the NDAA ban has been in effect for over three years. Use this fact to win over your market and show customers what those other companies knowingly sold them.

Before, those brands were concealed behind different names but now it's easy to spot them. If the FCC commissioner does follow through on banning all their products outright, regardless of when they were made or sold, no one who's not guilty of selling these brands will be able to keep up with market demand.

This ban affects a bigger market share than Apple and Samsung combined, so let us help you navigate it. Get busy and start now and leave the competition in the dust!

Why did some firms choose to simply rebrand and sell Dahua and Hikvision made products, even after the government warned the entire industry about their compromised security over three years ago?

Despite assuming the industry would self-police and drop these brands, a simple rebranding allowed for easy money. As a result, the FCC intervened and implemented a ban to put an end to this secretive labeling problem.

Anyone who participated in advancing the sales of these products deserved the FCC ban hammer, as they had over three years to honor the NDAA warnings. Today, a simple 30-second check can expose every victim sold Dahua or Hikvision products going back years, including millions of unsuspecting businesses and homeowners.

This is cause for celebration, as the FCC ban has finally arrived after a long overdue wait. Review the NDAA ban and now the final hammer: the FCC ban. If you're a new installer, this is a gift that's stranger than fiction but true.

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